Come Make Your Way – Whyte Tygers

  Here's a video we shot last weekend with our full band at Pioneer Sound. All live - no auto tune - no edits. Old school technique with new school vibes.


Whyte Tygers

Heather Lee & Jordan Wynn have had many-a-backing-band.  These bands have generally been comprised of the same 2 to 6 players over the last decade or so, with each of those members tagging in and out on certain songs, instruments, albums, and shows as scheduling and whimsy has permitted (with half a dozen really good... Continue Reading →

The Hymnal

9/8/17 at midnight this EP hit the interwebs. We were actually playing a gig in Orlando @lil_indies and played the opening cut to this album at the time it was going live online. It was kind of cool. It's been a little while since we put out a studio recording - and some of these tunes are... Continue Reading →

BugOut For Art @ Lake Eustis Museum of Art

Here's a little known fact about HLJW:  We are not only a band, but also the founders of an arts based non-profit called The Spirit & Skill Society.  Since the founding in 2016, we have curated, organized, and performed at numerous events in our hometown, and the surrounding areas of Central Florida. One of the... Continue Reading →

Back In The Saddle Again

Listen up Gainesville, June 2nd - 8pm, we're coming for you.  The last time we played as a full band in The Swamp we only had one kid.  This time we're heading up as a 5 piece and we get to share the Soundstage at Heartwood with our dear friends (and sibling in law) Hannah... Continue Reading →

Where It All Started . . . Sort Of

Years ago, a bakers' dozen at this point, we said, "I (we) do."  Now, here we are.  Part of our journey has been making music together - with each other - and with some of our dearest friends.  This is a journal of our endeavors and excitements.

Times & Dates

Heather Lee & Jordan Wynn’s second studio release may seem like a slight musical departure from their first self-titled album. The critical acclaim that came for the 2010 debut album included phrases like “quiet charm” and a “delicate sonic concoction.” While those accolades certainly still ring true, this album -- Times & Dates -- is... Continue Reading →

27 Years In The Making

Though this is the first official full length record for husband and wife duo, Heather Lee & Jordan Wynn, it is far from their maiden voyage.  Heather Lee, with her background in theatre, choirs, and songwriting - Jordan, with his years of gigging in Rock n Roll and Americana bands, have formed a "blessed union" to... Continue Reading →

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